Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Sunny April 1st

Monday during the storm!

Tuesday our driveway!

Well we definitely had a bit of a snow storm Monday...Our driveway was full of 4 foot drifts and the plow didn't get here til almost 4pm! DH could not get to work...and he was not a happy camper! I on the other hand totally enjoyed the storm and knit away happily! I even made muffins last night...shh! I don't bake very often and they were gone before they even cooled!

So the schools were closed for 2 days and this morning it was so foggy I couldn't see the bus coming down the road(my usual job every morning at 7:45am waiting at the window to tell my DD that the bus is coming)I couldn't see it till it was right in front of our yard! But an hr. later the sun had burned off the fog and was shining brightly " what a difference a day makes"!

I have decided that I will take a picture out my window and we can watch the changes over the next few months. I have a beautiful forsythia bush, (it was a tree but I trimmed it down after our ice storm last year)out side my window that has the prettiest blooms before any leaves seem to appear on other trees...any way I'll take pictures to watch the progress! I feel like there may be more baking tonight...maybe I should take a picture of that too since it is a rare occurrence!

Oh I forgot to tell you that my wonderful DS#2 made my ravelry button for me(over there on the left)...he is such a computer genius! Thanks Josh!!

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