Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Well the day is almost over and I can hardly believe its been 3 weeks since I have posted to my busy bad blogger!!

Well I started earth day off with sleeping in then my DH decide we should go for a drive to buy something he had bought of usedPEI..I guess that's good we saved it from being thrown in the land fill! I even bought new canvas bags at the grocery store in honor of Earth Day. I found out that plastic bags are no longer free so I guess it was the kick I needed to start remembering my bags from home...That may prove to be a challenge for me(bad memory)but the bags are with my purse and they are going back in the car tomorrow. My DS#2 wrote his beginners today but it was not to be...He has another appointment in less than 2 weeks! I finally got my Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer issue in the mail today and I have started the cover project I just love it! I also finished a few other knitted items since I last posted...Tonight I finished my Soft Brown shawl it turned out so nice. I even have it on right now finished pictures soon! I made 4 bunny dish clothes for the family for Easter they turned out so nice and were a big hit! I also made Bunny Nuggets for the kids and I have orders for more they were a huge success also!

Yesterday I started a new way of eating...its called "The 100 Calorie Diet"! I basically eat every hour and it has to be only 100 calories! It sounded so intriguing when I heard about it from a friend that I thought I would try it. So far 2 days down and its been easy! I like the eating every hour part and checking the calories on everything I buy/eat is kind of fun and informative. I am eating very healthy too! It starts off with a small yogurt when I get up then today since we were going to be in the car for a while I bought a small juice and a bag of peanuts and that did me for those hrs. in the car. For lunch I made a sandwich with one slice of bread and smoked meat( my fave) 3 shaved pieces only 40 cals. and the bread was 65 ...did you know that Mustard has no calories...I didn't! and horse radish 5 cals. so i was over by 10 cals! but I think my juice and peanuts was less tan 100 so I cheated a little! You know what you are never hungry and i really feel satisfied after just the 100 cals. I 'll keep posting to see my progress! Oh and for supper we had Baked potatoes pork tenderloin and Brussels sprouts mmmmm! I had a half of a small potato, 2 pieces( silver dollar size) of tenderloin and a about 10 baby sprouts and that was 100 cals! Amazingly I was full and I thought that I even felt overly full! You can even have junk food if its only 100 cals but its empty cals so not so satisfying! I did have some chocolate today though...that still the best treat! But it has to be good chocolate!
Well it's bedtime, earth hour is almost over and the TV is coming on for the 1st time today!


  1. The bunny nuggets are so cute! Did you make the
    bagstopper yet? I have made at least 10 of them!Good Luck with your diet it sounds interesting!!!

  2. Thanks Carol, No I haven't tried the bagstopper yet! But they look like a great project! The bunny nuggets were a lot of fun and so fast and really no way to make them wrong! My new approch to eatting is surprisingly easy to follow! I was challenged a bit today as I was at a meeting all day but I managed to still eat my way!