Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!

Hi everyone, well its been a while and lots has been happening at home and in my knitting!

My DS#2 got his beginners yesterday!!!Ya Josh!!
We found my Mom's old poodle skirt from many Halloween's ago for my daughter to use in her Step Dance Recital. I am going back to University...Yeah I am going to take a Youth Ministry Course at St. FX the last week in May! I am really excited!!! I always said it's never to late to learn new things!

Talking about learning new things I have really been enjoying my new way of eating...


I have been amazed at the amount of calories I use to eat in a day now I am averaging between 1600-1800 per day. For the first 2 weeks I ate every hour and it was great no hunger what so ever...I felt like I was always eating! Now I try to go a little longer between eating but I am still only eating 100 calories per hr. For example for breakfast I had a small bagel and cream cheese and tea which was under 300 cal...then I didn't eat again until lunch and again I had about 300 calories, soup(less than 100 cal) crackers and liverwurst (100 cal) and a few dried apricots and almonds for dessert(200cal)and tea. I find this way of eating I am not constantly looking for snacks but when I am hungry I either have a drink of water or a small snack (100cal). My DH lost a little over 4 lbs in a month and I lost 2 lbs in 2 weeks! We have definitely realized that before we were eating way toooo big of portions and the empty calories were not filling us up!

On the knitting front...I have turned the heel on my monkey sock,what a fun pattern!

The wool is some the gifts I won from Arlene Tats and Knits!

I finished the medallion and started the outside border of the Vogue Cardigan

I also started another baby sweater for keeping babies warm a charity knitting project.

I am almost finished my Noro Love Scarf aka Pioneer Braid Scarf.

Last time I blogged I said I would post a picture of my Soft Brown Shawl that I finished so here it is lazily laying in the sun!

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  1. your monkey sock is beautiful,I really must try it! and how cute is the poodle skirt :D love it!