Monday, March 30, 2009

Well winter is here again!

Yet another storm, boy I wish I would have started my blog sooner! I could of kept track of all these stormy days... there is always next year! My DD has not been to school for 12days due to storms, sick days and March break! I love having her home with us!

"In like a lamb out like a lion" isn't that the March saying well the lion is here today! I am not sure what March 1st was like but the lion is definitely roaring today! Last Tuesday we had a storm also and it carried over til Wed. when I was suppose to go to Ch'town for a meeting but I got caught in the worse white outs I have been in in along time and I unlike my DH love to drive in the snow! I was actually shaking buy the time I decide it was just to dangerous to stay on the road and I turned around!

Well today is another good day to knit and listen to podcasts...when isn't it a good day to knit and listen to podcasts!

Oh last night I had the teens from our Youth group design quilt squares for a raffle quilt they turned out so beautiful...we sure have a bunch of creative teens!!!

Saturday I received yarn( ahhh) in the mail! It was my surprise package from Arlene from Arlene Knits and Tats! It was a lovely package of yarn( 4 balls!) needles tatting shuttles and thread! I may need to try a new craft Tatting...can you believe it there is a craft out there that I haven't tried!!!

That is the Monkey Sock by Cookie A that you see at the bottom...I know the pattern has been around for a while but I hadn't tried it yet...I'm slow...what can I say! What a wonderful pattern and fun to knit!


  1. Darlene, I am such a DORK! I had 23 comments on my blog to moderate and like a dork I accidentally clicked on "REJECT" instead of PUBLISH! SO SORRY!!!
    Your comment was one of those. I so want to count you in as part of the giveaway!!! Would you kindly comment again? I copied and pasted your comment from the email alert that was sent:

    "Hi I just found your blog from Arlene Tats and Knits and its wonderful!
    Congrats on the 1yr. Blogaversary!
    I won some great stuff from Arlene and she sent me some thread and shuddles so I guess I am going to try to tat and your blogs has lots of great info for new tatters!!!
    Darlene from PEI"

  2. Thanks TattingChic, you were my first comment! WooHoo!
    I can see me going that too! I am new at this and there is plenty to learn! No need to be sorry thanks for adding me to the giveaway!

  3. Hi Darlene! I have never done that before, LOL! Well you are officially in and you are actually comment #206! Woo Hoo! Blogger only shows the first 200 comments on the first page of comments so you won't see your comment unless you click on "Absolutely fabulous things were said" at the bottom of the post and then go over to the second page of comments, but it's there!

    Sorry your first comment was about a goof, LOL! :)

    I'll come and check out your blog more when I'm done with the giveaway! :)