Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Everything!

Wow its been 5 months.... Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines day, Happy get the picture Its been a while... I do have lots of FO! I just haven't been up to blogging but I really enjoy reading every ones blogs! These are just a few of the things I have finished...oh they have all been small items but I am finishing up a sweater and with another 3 maybe more(like 17) wip in the wings waiting patiently to be finished! I really should finish them up...but alas there are soooo many nice new Knitting patterns!

On the house situation...I guess we are finally going to do a little bit of renovating...boxes of fabric are getting packed and new flooring is going to be put down,and a coat or 2 of paint....then maybe I'll actually use my sewing area again...its been a long while but going thru the fabric really makes me want to sew! Maybe I should do a before and after pic of the sewing/computer area...they are so bad right now maybe a picture would be to much!

Oh Well here it is...
DH's computer area is behind this
shelving wall

Please don't judge me to harshly!(you know it really looks worse in person)

I hope this public announcement keeps me trucking along and wanting to post an "after" picture might be just the incentive I need!

Bye for now Dear Friends!
I hope it doesn't take me another 5 months to check in!

Peace and Blessings


  1. Get a move on Darlene it's been a month and it looks the same!

  2. I'm wondering if you have progressed ? ;D

    No judging needed as I think most of us have spaces like this within our homes (large or small), your just brave enough to show, maybe I should show you my mess ?? ;D