Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Knittin' a Mitten

My Vintage Love Mittens I am working on now and almost finished...its getting cold!

Hi Everyone, well I guess I really took a long vacation from Bloggin'!

I am happy to say that though I was away I never stopped reading everyone's inspirational blogs and found many more new & interesting ones to read!

Well it would take from now til next year to tell all the wonderful things I have been up to soooo I'll just say I was very productive.

I started a new Job as Pastoral Associate for my Church St. John the Baptist in Miscouche(I love that name) PEI.

The inside is even more beautiful I'll have to take pics and post them some day!

I have finished a few projects on my loooong list of WIP and it keeps growing because I have no will power and when I see a beautiful new pattern I must start it!
This is what I did while I wasn't bloggin'!!

This is my New Necklace

Here areMy Fingerless Gloves for my Clapotis

This is my long awaited Healthy Heart Month Sweater

My Birthday Mohana

My Smooth Sailin Shawl

Well I did go on forever but I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do!
Chat again soon!
Peace and Blessings


  1. Very nice pictures. You must have a very nice husband to let you have all the nice knitting stuff you have.

  2. Yah he's pretty great but he doesn't "let me have the knitting stuff" he wants me to have it because I deserve it...right dear!